Thrift Store Haul

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey guys! I haven't been thrifting much this summer because my closet is already BURSTING with tops and I really need to find myself some bottoms and accessories elsewhere but it was a monthaversary date! I'm most excited about this vest because it's actually VELVET and you guys know my obsession and how I cannot stop buying it and here's more proof. I had justification for buying it though because I only own one other vest. I'm excited, I wasn't exact sure how I would style it but I have some ideas. I'm mostly thinking it would look good with black, maybe a crop top or tank top? Or a long loose flowy shirt with tights. I also need more cardigans for layering in the fall so I got this nice blue one and the floral shirt is just great because I love cute floral button ups but I haven't seen any with roses! And I've been really into roses lately, they're so elegant but cool.

Anyways have a great day! The weather today and yesterday was amaaazing.

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